Tiger-Rock | Martial Arts Academy

Why Tiger-Rock?

For over 40 years, Tiger Rock has been a vibrant community
dedicated to bringing out the best in every individual through Martial Arts.

Our programs help students of all ages and abilities develop the skills, resilience and focus to face life's challenges with a confident spirit.

All while having fun and connecting with friends.


"We love Tiger Rock! Since starting My son has gained a lot of confidence helping him both at school and everyday life."

"Both of our girls love Tiger Rock! The staff and instructors are amazing and make it fun for everyone while teaching them great routines."

"Love the time instructors take with my kids to help them to do their best!"

"They are top notch and great with the kids!"

"It's a great place for people of all ages to learn."

"It is the best money I spend each month!"

"Great place for kids , I recommend it."

"Joining Tiger Rock was a turning point in our lives."

“Tiger Rock helped my child grow not just in Martial Arts, but in life."

"Tiger Rock is not just an academy; it's a life-changer."

"Since joining Tiger Rock, my child's confidence has skyrocketed. It's amazing to see."

"The transformation in my son's focus is remarkable. Thank you, Tiger Rock!"

"Seeing my child's growth has been a joy."

"A game-changer for my daughter's self-esteem."

"Tiger Rock's approach to teaching Martial Arts has helped my child in school and life."

"My child used to be shy. Tiger Rock has brought out a confident, new side in him."

"Joining Tiger Rock was the best decision for our family. We've grown so much together"

"The sense of accomplishment my daughter feels is priceless."

"Tiger Rock taught my child the value of hard work and persistence."


Now more
than ever.

Today's society has a problem: People,
especially kids, are inactive, distracted and
isolated. We believe Martial Arts can help.

Martial Arts has long been valued for its
ability to instill discipline, self-control, and
confidence. It's a sanctuary away from
digital distractions, promoting physical
activity, personal growth, resilience, and
community, helping prepare well-rounded
individuals to navigate the complexities of



Our science-based program fuses multiple Martial Arts styles,
with in-person training, testing, and competition to help every child grow physically and mentally as they Compete, Defend, and Advance.

We offer a hybrid program that includes
in-person and remote virtual training.



For students ages 4 to 5, our Tiger-Cubs
journey is a 7-step training program that
introduces martail arts and foundational
skills, turning learning how to listen, obey,
and share into a fun, game-based experience.

AGES 6 TO 11


For students ages 6 to 11,
our juniors martial arts program is an empowering
15-step training regimen that
molds growth, achievement
and resilience.

AGES 12 TO 15


For students ages 12 to 15,
our youth martial arts program is a game-changing 15
step training regimen focusing
on personal development, challenge,
and empowerment.

AGES 16+


For students ages 16 and up,
our adult martial arts program is a game-changing
15 step training regimen that
blends Martial Arts mastery with
personal growth.


Competitive, Thrilling, Challenging

Competition EVENTS

Our martial arts students engage in thrilling local, district, and national competitions, honing their skills and celebrating achievements in a supportive community.

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Experienced, Knowledgeable, Reputable

Certified Leaders

Our highly trained and energetic Certified Leaders are committed to nurturing success on and off the mat.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer programs for various age groups, each tailored to the physical and cognitive abilities of that age. Our instructors are skilled at working with younger children and adapting techniques to suit their needs.

We prioritize safety above all. Our Certified instructors are trained in Sport Safe safety protocols designed to minimize the risk of injury, focusing on controlled movements and supervised sparring. We group students by age and experience to ensure a safe learning environment. Regular risk assessments and a child-centric approach to martial arts help us maintain a secure and nurturing atmosphere.

Our Introductory Program of 4-6 lessons is designed to ease your child into Martial Arts. The goal is to let you and your child sample the experience and feel comfortable in our facility. Our teaching methods are designed to be engaging and fun, ensuring that children enjoy their time while learning. When you bring your child in you’ll be able to observe and learn about the instructors, your child will get comfortable.

Our welcoming process is comprehensive, ensuring new members integrate smoothly into the community. New members are welcomed both by instructors and a peer partner so they instantly have a friend to train with. Your child will learn the basic level protocols including putting on their uniform, instantly making them feel part of our community.

We have a flexible schedule that can adapt to anyone’s lifestyle. At Tiger Rock, your training times can adapt to your life. Our program is a 2x a week in person experience with ability to join offsite in addition and includes one event a month.

Our program is tailored to each student's pace, ensuring they feel challenged yet comfortable with their progress. Our program is about empowerment. Regular assessments and personalized guidance help in setting achievable goals.

Our instructors are not only experienced Martial Artists but also trained in teaching techniques suitable for children. They undergo regular training and Certification and are adept at instilling positive values and skills in young learners.

We maintain a strict no-bullying policy. Our instructors promote respect and teamwork, and any form of negative behavior is addressed immediately. We foster a supportive and inclusive environment for all students.

Martial arts teach discipline and self-control. Our curriculum emphasizes using Martial Arts for self-defense and fitness, not aggression. We instill values of peace and respect in our students.

We understand the importance of balance. Our schedules are flexible, and we encourage children to progress at their own pace. We focus on making learning enjoyable and stress-free.

Our fee structure includes class fees, uniform, and basic equipment costs. We aim to keep additional costs, such as for grading or competitions, reasonable and will always communicate these in advance.

Martial Arts is a journey, not a destination. While we encourage long-term training for maximum benefit, there's no mandatory commitment. Students can continue for as long as they find value and enjoyment in the practice.


Mind, BodyHeart.

Many activities help develop physically, Martial Arts helps develop holistically.

We help Instill:

  • Focus
  • Awareness
  • Safety
  • Accountability
  • Leadership
  • Citizenship
  • Respect
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Self-Confidence

It's why the benefits of Martial Arts go well beyond the mat,
influencing every aspect of our student's life.

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