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Tammy Davis

We had a customer sign a pause agreement on 3/7/24 to begin 5/3 and end 8/3. However, their billing on 5/5 was taken out anyway and we had to inconvenience them and issue a refund. This is the first instance of this issue since the recent update and wonder if there is a bug that needs to be fixed so the billing is not being taken out during pause agreements in the future? I can provide names screenshots or names if needed.

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I looked at this again today.  The agreement had a paused window but did not have the payment schedule set up.  I set up the paused billing window on the agreement to prevent the charges from occurring on June 5th.  Currently you need to specify the payment pause window in additional to the student pause window because for many academies they are different.  We will make an update to the logic in the next update so if the student is paused without an override billing schedule that will still pause the billing.

Created By: Patrick Nelson  6/3/2024 8:22 PM Sent To Customer on 6/3/2024 8:23 PM

The student is Karthik Kolla.

Created By: Tammy Davis  5/7/2024 4:12 PM Sent To Customer on

Can you please provide the example student?  Please go to https://tigerrock.app/Feedback/View?FeedbackId=2327 and leave a comment.   Thanks!

Created By: Patrick Nelson  5/6/2024 4:56 PM Sent To Customer on 5/6/2024 4:56 PM