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Aaron Searls

Could we get a way to send a communication directly from the event rather than an email template?  

Way I would see it working is that we enter in event info in the details tab and then on the eligible page there is a "send event invite" button.  The email would then be the details page and we never have to visit the communications page (this was a nice feature with kicksite being able to send communication right from the event and not have to set up a communication elsewhere)

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No not a pop up.  I think it would be awesome (as well as other managers too), if there could be a button that says "send invite" and then it just sends the "event details" tab as the message/invite and it just goes to the "sending" page then.  Just completely skip on having to go to the communication page and make the communication entirely.  Just a one click send event.  

But then keep a button for a custom message as well that goes to the communication page.  
Created By: Aaron Searls  5/6/2024 5:10 PM Sent To Customer on

If you initiate the communication from the event, all you have to do is create the message.  You don't have to create the template first.  Is the main difference that it all happens in a popup instead of another screen?

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Created By: Patrick Nelson  5/6/2024 4:59 PM Sent To Customer on 5/6/2024 4:59 PM