Corporate Wellness

“Our goal is to help create healthier more active workforces through strategic partnerships with companies who share our vision of health and productivity.”

Of all the assets held by a company, none are more important than its employees. Healthy employees are the backbone of productivity.    With fewer sick days and lower health care costs for employers, the simple fact is that healthy workers cost less.  Increasing employee health is an easy way to increase the health of a business and a robust health promotion program, like the proverbial apple, may keep the doctor away.

The Tiger-Rock Wellness Approach

The Tiger-Rock Corporate Wellness Partnership is a unique and dynamic relationship that offers a fresh, hands-on approach for each person in your company.  Our program can perform as the single wellness option or enhance other wellness programs already in place.

We believe that our corporate wellness partnership is a true benefit to both the employee and employer.  Over the last several decades absenteeism, injuries, illnesses, and decreased productivity associated with the lifestyle habits of a company’s workforce has resulted in increasing financial liabilities.  Rising healthcare costs demand an assertive response.  We believe we have the answer. 

The Tiger-Rock Corporate Wellness Partnership is aimed at curbing and reducing the negative health habits of the average American worker.  We are able to achieve these goals by developing programs that are focused on the following:

  • Weight Reduction
  • Health Risk Management
  • Stress Management
  • Nutrition & Proper Dieting
  • Building Positive Self-Image
  • Personal Defense & Safety
  • Self Discipline
  • Team Building

As a result our corporate wellness partnership provides the tools and support individuals need to become healthy adults, quality employees, and outstanding citizens.

Get Your Company Involved

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your company achieve your fitness goals please download and return the corporate profile form.  Remember, completing this corporate profile form does not obligate your company to any ongoing corporate wellness partnership with Tiger-Rock Martial Arts.  Tiger-Rock Martial Arts looks forward to helping you promote and improve the overall lifestyles of your employees.  After you receive the informational packet we can discuss the many options available to your company, including No Cost and Low Cost options! 

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