Community Outreach

The culture we live in consistently challenges the values, beliefs, and behaviors of our society.  At Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International we believe in promoting, educating, and assimilating the most principle values of all great individuals into our lives and the lives of those we come in contact with in order to create a better tomorrow.  Building strong communities is a core component of this process as it creates the infrastructure for a group of individuals to provide the support, communication, and strength needed to meet common goals.  Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International is committed to proactively seeking out opportunities to strengthen communities through our various initiatives like our alliance with USA weekly’s national Make-A-Difference Day and our Martial Arts scholarship programs for under privileged community members.

Make-A-Difference Day

Make-A-Difference Day is the most encompassing national day of helping others -- a celebration of neighbors helping neighbors. Everyone can participate. Created by USA WEEKEND Magazine, Make-A-Difference Day is an annual event that takes place on the fourth Saturday of every October.  Americans are people of action, especially when it comes to helping others. Volunteerism builds communities, and volunteering may be good for your health. A 2009 study by the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center reported that a life of purpose, which can include volunteering, appears to contribute to overall well-being.  Volunteers also tend to be happier and more optimistic about the future.  Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International actively participates in a variety of Make-A-Difference Day projects throughout the U.S.

Tiger-Rock Scholarship Program

The Tiger-Rock Scholarship Program allows under privileged individuals to receive the multiple benefits of martial arts training who would otherwise not have the ability to do so.  Tiger-Rock Martial Arts International believes that our products and services truly have the ability to change lives and create leaders.  The skills and philosophies instilled by our training will provide these students with the ability to successfully perform in a variety of social and professional environments.  If you are interested in nominating an individual for the Tiger-Rock Scholarship Program please download the attached brochure and submit it to your local academy.

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